September 25, 2018

Life after a divorce

It’s pretty amazing what a difference a day (and a divorce) can make in one’s own opinion of oneself. But the truth is, you’re the same person you always were. Factors outside of yourself have changed but inside you’re just as bright, just as beautiful and have just as much potential as ever. In fact, you may discover that you have even greater potential awaiting. Divorce creates an overwhelming set of temporary and traumatic circumstances. Will you live a life filled with financial worries and concerns? Will you have to sacrifice the things you love to do and change your lifestyle just to make it work? You haven’t changed – the circumstances have.

Divorce is, in a word, overwhelming. It’s our job to help you regain your composure, to see the opportunities awaiting you and show you how to take advantage of them. The time to start preparing for your future after the
split is before it happens.

Under any circumstances it’s important. Under certain circumstances it’s essential.

  • Are there children involved?
  • Did your husband earn the lion’s share of the money?
  • Do you or he or both of your own a business?
  • What about properties, material assets and such?
  • What is your standing with the IRS?
  • How’s your credit rating?
  • Are there stocks, bonds, IRAs, 401ks or other securities/investments?
  • Do you work? Did you work? Will you need to work?
  • During your time together you and your husband shared financial responsibilities, obligations, and assets. Your credit became entwined with his, as did your tax burden, investments for the future, plans for the kid’s education and plans for your retirement.

Now, all that has to be undone, revisited and restructured and we can help.